Birch paper company case solution

Case study solutions by top business students. This case study analysis discusses the types of pricing policies which division of Birch Paper Company employs and how this lack of a uniform policy affects the company itself. This study focuses on the evaluation of the different types of policies. It also makes a proposal as to what policy would be best employed by Birch Paper Co.

Birch paper company case solution

Birch paper company case solution

The purpose of this paper is to revise the PICOT statement, article critique, and provide an evidence-based change in the nursing practice. The paper will also establish the relationship between the PICOT question, nursing practice problem, and the research articles.

PICOT Statement Population or the problem An increase in cases of medical errors and falls has become a common phenomenon in the modern health care systems. Patients visit health care facilities in order to receive care that can enhance their quality of life.

However, falls and medical errors add them more medical complications. Therefore, this study addresses the link between the nurse-to-client ratio and the risk of fall or medication errors that affect the population of patients in the medical surgery units. Intervention The intervention proposed in this study is a reduction in the nurse-to-patient ratio.

This reduces the adverse events and the risk of falls among patients in the surgery units. The aforementioned intervention will be compared with a case where no treatment or corrective measures are taken to address the problem of medication errors.

It would be anticipated that this problem will increase medication errors. Outcome and time By increasing the number of nurses, the health care facility will be able to reduce the medication errors. This positive outcome will be achieved following a reduction in the nurse burnout Cimiotti et al.

These outcomes will measured over a period of six months. In the population of patients in the medical surgery unit Pwhat is the effect of a reduction in nurse-to-patient ratio Ion medication errors O compared with no treatment C within a period of six months T?

BMJ Qual Saf, Background of Study Tubbs-Cooley et al. However, little is known about the correlation in pediatric care. This was the gap in knowledge that the study sought to address in order to improve patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.

As a result, they focused on the link between the staff ratio and the cause readmission of children admitted to hospitals for common surgical and medical conditions.

The authors established the significance of the study by showing that the quality of inpatient care may determine the hospital readmission of children.

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They noted that only a few researchers had explored the relationship between hospital systems aspects and readmission amongst children. The purpose of the study was to explore the connections between the nursing staffing proportion in hospitals as well as readmission amongst children admitted for general surgical and medical conditions.

The research question that the study sought to answer was: Method of Study The authors used an observational cross-sectional method. They did not intervene, but simply wanted to record the health and behavior of the study participants.

The authors failed to identify a particular point of view from which the study was developed.

Birch paper company case solution

The authors cited qualitative and quantitative studies relevant to the study. For an instance, they cited research works that focused on patient-specific factors and hospital readmission to show that few studies are examining the relationship between hospital systems aspects and readmission amongst children.

The authors largely used journal articles with the exception of two online articles. Some of the references were current, whereas others were older than five years.

The authors did not assess or specify the limitation of the available research. The literature review had sufficient information to support the significance of the study and to show the potential benefits of the research.

The author developed a framework that highlighted the descriptive findings of the study. Examples include, patient sample attributes, and sample distribution across hospital aspects. Results of Study The findings of the study indicated that the staffing ratio of patient to nurse and the probability of readmission from fifteen to thirty days after discharge are important for children admitted for common illnesses.

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Children admitted in hospitals that ensured the pediatric staff benchmark were less prone to be readmitted. The implication for nurses is that lesser workloads of four or fewer children may reduce readmission. The findings contribute to nursing knowledge as they highlight the importance of adequate nurse to patient ratio and are a quality of care improvement initiative.

They would significantly improve practice since they require the ability of nurses to direct meaningful attention and time to such efforts. It would also impact administration and education since it is new knowledge and requires the hiring of more nurses in order to meet a benchmark of one nurse and four or fewer patients.

The privacy of patients was protected as the researchers did not disclose any personal information. There were no ethical considerations regarding the treatment or lack of it.

Decreasing the number of patients per nurse as suggested by the study leads to better outcomes for patients.Dasher Company Case Solution.

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Note on Financial Forecasting. Note on Financial Analysis. Birch Paper Co. Note on Financial Forecasting.

Note on Financial Analysis. Related posts: Note on Linear Programming. Eire Paper Company - $* *Eire paper company and dilemma It would buy outside linear board from birch with special printing(to be done by Thompson) @ a cost of $90(per thousand) and $30 for printing/5(17).

Management Control Systems First European Edition Robert N. Anthony, Vijay Govindarajan, Frank G. H. Hartmann, Kalle Kraus and Göran Nilsson Mc Graw Hill Education Case Birch Paper Company Case North Country Auto, Inc. Case BoldFlash: Cross-Functional Challenges in the Mobile Division PART 4: The management control.

Birch was a medium-sized, partly integrated paper company. Eire Papers bought its outside linerboard (from SD) with the special printing (from TD) from Birch but supplied its own inside liner and corrugating medium. As each division is judged independently on the basis of its profit and ROI. Birch Company normally produces and sells 37, units of RG-6 each month.

RG-6 is a small electrical relay used as a component part in the automotive industry. The selling price is $49 per unit, variable costs are $19 per unit, fixed manufacturing overhead costs total $, per month, and fixed selling costs total $, per month.

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