The emotional pain and psychological strains of war

Since Octoberthere have been over 2, deployments to combat theaters in Iraq and Afghanistan, includingmultiple deployments.

The emotional pain and psychological strains of war

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Between andopioids killed an estimatedAmericans Overdose cases increased by more than 30 percent across the U. In the Midwest region, overdose cases rose by 70 percent and overdose mortality by 14 percent Preliminary data for reveals the death toll from drug overdoses may be as high as 65, exceeding both the AIDS epidemic at its peak and the death toll of the Vietnam War in its entirety The opioid epidemic has resulted in lowered life expectancy for both men and women in the U.

On the contrary, recent statistics suggest the death toll is still trending upward, with more and more people abusing these powerful narcotics. This dangerous class of drugs promises relief from pain and is filling a hole in human hearts and souls everywhere.

According to the most recent data 3 from the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDCoverdose cases admitted into emergency rooms increased by more than 30 percent across the U.

The emotional pain and psychological strains of war

Overdose cases rose by: Large cities also saw a 54 percent increase in overdose cases in that same timeframe. As noted in a recent write-up in New York Magazine, 5 the U. Now epic numbers of Americans are killing themselves with opioids to escape it. Many are still unaware of the dangers involved with filling that first prescription.

He and editor Paul Moakley spent months traversing the U. Leading cause of death for younger Americans Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under the age of Deadlier than breast cancer Opioids, specifically, killed 33, in101112 and 42, inwhich is over 1, more deaths than were caused by breast cancer that same year.

Over 20, of the drug overdose deaths in were attributed to fentanyl and other synthetic opioids. This is a critical problem, as fentanyl is so potent just a few grains can be deadly. For example, in a five-year span, between andmillion hydrocodone and oxycodone pills were shipped to West Virginia, which has just 1.

Just as the opioid epidemic, declining life expectancy is a uniquely American phenomenon. No other developed countries has experienced this decline in life expectancy.

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As noted by New York Magazine: And it is significant, it seems to me, that the drugs now conquering America are downers: They are not the means to engage in life more vividly but to seek a respite from its ordeals … And some part of being free from all pain makes you indifferent to death itself.

These are experiences typically derived from spiritual practicesand hint at a widespread lack of connectedness to the divine in general. An Epic Failure of Government While the drug industry deserves a large portion of the blame for creating the opioid epidemic, the U. Their fantasy of benign long-term opioid use is the root of the epidemic.

Nearly 80 percent of heroin users report that prescription pain relievers were their gateway drugs … Such a failure of epic proportions by a generation of public-health officials merits a major congressional investigation to reduce the chance that anything like it ever happens again.

They started making hard liquor — moonshine. The same thing is happening now, as heroin — the street version of opioids — is being replaced with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is up to times stronger than heroin.The book specifically tackles two types of marginalized psychological pain: Heartbreak when you weren't married to the person (even if it was a long-term relationship).

The loss of a beloved pet. The context of torture, for both pain and psychological difficulties, is very important and the meanings of the experience differ enormously among torture survivors, from feelings of defeat and despair to pride in survival and resilience. Jan 27,  · Extended and repeated absences as well as personal changes among those who have experienced the dangers and horrors of war also take a psychological toll on their families.

Rather, trauma and moral pain must be communalized – that is, unpacked, examined and discussed with others who understand and/or shared the experience. Given the moral enormity and gravity of the war experience, the journey to healing, to achieving some sense of normalcy, is long and difficult.

The Psychological Effects of the Vietnam War Josh Hochgesang, Tracye Lawyer, Toby Stevenson War & Peace: Media and War anxiety, pain, and hatred. Then you were sent back home with no readjustment to the lifestyle in the states, no deprogramming of what you learned from The Vietnam War was an emotional roller coaster for most of its.

The psychological impact of war and the refugee situation on South Sudanese children in refugee camps in Northern Uganda: An exploratory study. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 40,

The psychological impact of torture